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  • Alex E. Wendt

Redesigning Your Church? How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Church

Are you hoping to redesign your church for a modern and visually appealing appearance? If so, the right color scheme can make all the difference. 

If you're trying to figure out what color scheme will work best for your church, keep reading. We will go over some great options so that you can come up with your church's color scheme starting today. 

Neutral Surroundings 

For a place of worship, neutral colors offer a no-fuss space that allows for contemplation and relaxation. Neutral tones like pale yellows, creams, light greys, and beige all work well for a subtle wall color. For your wall trimmings, keep things simple and modern by painting them white. 

Using neutral colors as the base of your church will allow you to add details easily, without becoming too distracting or overwhelming. A neutral monochromatic color scheme can work well in a church for a clean, light appearance. 

Pops of Color 

If you want to add some color to your church to brighten the space, think about the significance of certain colors in conjunction to your church's practices and values. Violets and other shades of purple tend to be popular detail colors in churches.

This is because purple is the color of royalty, and is often reminiscent of Christ. Consider adding some lux and texture to your church by using this color for your pew cushioning or carpeting. Incorporate grey details with purple for a complementary color scheme. 

Red is another popular color for churches, as it represents the presence of the Holy Spirit. This can be a great color option for upholstery. Red is a bold color, so it can stand alone, meaning you should make this the only pop of color if it's the one you choose.

Subtle Color Options 

Green and blue tons can both be calming and more subtle if the above color options sound to stark. Bright green represents new life, while olive green works as a calming neutral. 

Blues with grey hues work well in larger quantities than other shades. If you're painting your walls a grey-blue shade, compliment it with wall art that is rich in greenery. For blue accent shades, bright tones or deeper tones like royal blue can work to brighten up the space

How to Pick the Best Color Scheme for Your Church 

When it comes to picking the best color scheme for your church, there are a few things you'll want to consider. Think about the psychology of color as well as what kind of mood you want to create, as well as what colors are symbolic to your congregation. You should also consider the energy of your church.

A high energy church could benefit from brighter colors. On the other hand, a quiet and reflective congregation should go with a more tranquil option, like light blues, purples, or greens paired with creams. Essentially, your church's color scheme should reflect the mood you hope to create. 

Are you looking for a professional team that can help you with church renovation and restoration? Contact us today to learn more. 


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