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Since 1989 Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons have been restoring, redecorating and creating church interiors of historic significance throughout the Dioceses of the entire Midwest. Some of the skills our craftsmen employ are plaster restoration, architectural and decorative painting, Ecclesiastical designs, statuary restoration, altar refinishing/modifications, color schemes, and full-color renderings.

Traditional Plaster Restoration

Plaster restoration
ecclesiastical designs

Ecclesiastical Designs

Statuary Restoration

Statuary restoration
decorative painting and mural restoration

Decorative Painting / Mural Restoration


Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding services
Altar refinishing and modifications

Altar Refinishing / Modifications

        Gold Gilding /         Mica Gold 

Gold gilding
Color renderings and general concepts

Color Renderings / General Concepts 

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