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  • Alex E. Wendt

How to Design a Beautiful Church Interior During Church Restoration

A church is a gathering place for a community. People gather to have a relationship with God and to have meaningful relationships with each other. The importance of these two gatherings deserves a space that reflects that.

Your church interior should be inviting. Inviting for worshippers whether this is their home church or they're just visiting. You want a space that feels warm, like an extension of the home.

Here are the elements of a beautifully designed church interior.

The Lobby

When you're designing a lobby, you want to consider this as the first impression. Worshippers should feel warm and welcomed from the moment they step foot inside the church. You can do this by following a few rules of church interior design.

A Hub

In the lobby, there should be a central area for communication. Having one central spot allows for easy access to information. From here, you can direct to other locations and give information about the church to visitors.

Having a front desk or kiosk creates a sense of direction and organization. Imagine a smiling face to greet you every time you walk through the doors. A central hub is the first opportunity to make your church feel welcoming and comfortable.


Whether you have a modern church interior or a more traditional Catholic church interior, lighting should be a key detail you don't overlook. Consider both natural and artificial lighting for your interior space.

For natural lighting, you'll want windows that bring the sunshine into space. Ample lighting from front windows can make the lobby feel more open.

For artificial lighting, you should consider bulbs that cast a warm glow. This will create a cozy and comfortable feeling. You can mix up the lighting styles with overhead lights, table lamps, or even string lights for evening services. 

Interior Church Signs

Directional signs will help guide people around the church. You don't want to let guests wander around, unsure of where to go. It's essential to have signs for the sanctuary, restrooms, and children's area.

Starting with those three basic sign needs, you can add other spaces that need directing to. Ensure that your signs have a large, clear font that's easy to read from far away. You'll also want to make sure any arrows are pointing clearly in that direction.

Distinct Spaces

If you have a large open space or a few areas in your lobby, be sure to create distinct spaces. If you serve coffee, have a designated coffee counter for people to prepare their coffee and chairs and couches nearby.

Have a children's area for interactive play and learning. Add a hangout area with tables and chairs for guests to access WiFi. Allow this space to be a common room, as well as a lobby.

Of course, don't forget to keep space clear for walking pathways. Keep the areas around the door open and a clear path to the sanctuary, restrooms, and any other important areas.

The Sanctuary

While the lobby is about connecting with the community, the sanctuary is about connecting with God. The sanctuary should be comfortable and beautiful—a place to foster the most special connections.


If you have an interior that's already beautiful but just needs to be freshened up, then a restoration project is what you need. Restoring artwork and sanctuaries to their original beauty is the best way to honor the craftwork.

For a restoration project, you'll want someone with background and experience in church restoration. Look at the past clients of the restoration company to see if their style matches what you're looking for.

Restoration can include statues, altars, and murals. Bring back the bold and vibrant colors and meticulous details to inspire for generations to come.

Decorative Painting

Over time, when exposed to the elements, murals and paintings can fade over time. It's an unfortunate circumstance that most artwork can dull over time or even be scratched accidentally. Of course, this is where restoration comes in.

But this is not the only kind of painting you can use when designing your sanctuary. Mural painting and ecclesiastical painting are also options to add something extra to your sanctuary space.

Mural painting can depict the figure of your choosing on a large scale. Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons specializes in painting church sanctuaries, ceilings, and decorative details.

Altar Refinishing

The altar is the centerpiece of a church sanctuary. Though time and the elements may not always be kind, there are ways to restore an altar back to glory.

Refinishing an altar can be a rengerging force for the church community. Rededicating time to worship and bringing the community together.

At the time of your refinishing, consider upgrades or redesigns like new decorative elements. You can also upgrade to improve the functionality of your altar. Whatever your altar needs to inspire faith in your church community, it can be done.

A Beautiful Church Interior Around the Corner

Creating a community space to gather should be a top priority when designing a church interior. For many, a church is not only a place to worship but also a place for the community to come together and forge personal relationships.

Designing a space with the community in mind will provide a space that's welcoming for regular worshippers and visitors alike. Strive for a space that will be engaging, for connection with God, and for building community.

Are you considering restoration or a remodel for your church? Allow us to assist you in designing your worshiping space.


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