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  • Alex E. Wendt

Everything You Need to Know About Renovating Churches

Many churches built in the last 100 years are still standing strong today. But the inside of these churches may not have had the same luck.

Peeling paint and worn-out decor are signs that its time to spruce up the inside of a church. Because renovating churches involves specific processes, hiring a professional renovation company will help. But first, you must do a little research to determine your church's needs.

If your church needs a new look, read here for all you need to know about renovating churches.

Requirements for Church Renovation by Faith Tradition

Different faiths have different practices, and church buildings must serve these practices. The interior of a church must meet the needs of the congregation as well. 

The Roman Catholic Church has extensive guidelines for the renovation of churches. Parishes must contact their Diocesan Offices of Worship for any rules having to do with church renovation before they plan a project.

Modern Protestant and Evangelical churches are more flexible with their interior style and decor. Many of these churches are auditoriums, where staging, seating, and sound production are primary. Others are more traditional in style but are less concerned with furniture and statues.

No matter what the faith tradition, use caution when trying to change the style of a church. Updating a traditional design to a 21st-century style will need agreement from a majority of the congregation. The "buy-in" of the people is crucial when proposing big changes to a beloved place of worship 

Redecorating Churches vs Renovating Churches

Decide whether you need redecoration or reconstruction of the inside of your church. Then you will know which type of professional to hire. 

Plaster and paint experts can create a new look for your walls and ceiling. The same experts can renew your statues and altar. A good company will present a variety of designs to consider, both traditional and modern. Professional restoration companies will provide materials, such as scaffolding as part of their estimate.

For a large-scale reconstruction, you need an architect and a contractor who has worked with churches before. The nature of church life requires specific building plans and experience with sacred spaces. These professionals will work with your renovation committee throughout the construction process. and will commit to keeping change orders and prices low.   

Hiring Your Renovation Professional

Look for accredited companies willing to provide you with upfront estimates. Make sure they can provide color renditions of your proposed project for you to review. Check their websites to see what other churches are in their portfolio.

Visit other churches that have renovated, and get their opinions. If you can find a church with similar design characteristics to view, all the better. It is important not to skip this step, as word-of-mouth is the best way to find the right professional for the job.

If your church is in the midwest, contact us to begin your renovation process. We have a large photo gallery of past projects and are happy to answer all your questions.


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